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if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. MT 18:19

Prayer Chapel


4/7/18--Prayers are requested for Brother Ken Barron who, this week, had two separate episodes of life-threatening illnesses.  One was severe bleeding from the stomach requiring blood transfusions and control with 2 non-invasive procedures which seem to have brought the situation under control.  The other was a severe Staph infection requiring powerful antibiotics to bring it under control.  There are plans for Ken to be discharged home from the hospital tomorrow (April 4).  Please pray that recovery will continue, for comfort and peace of mind for both Ken and his wife, Becky, and for a rapid and complete recovery.  Also pray for thanksgiving that these serious medical conditions have come under control so (relatively) rapidly. 


3/09/2018--"Here is a message from Brother Ken Austin:  'Reasonably encouraging news on the cancer front:  The large right side liver tumor has shrunk and should continue to shrink the remainder of this year.  The left side tumor which was not acted upon since June, 2017 is also smaller in size.  The plan is to have a CT scan in 4 months to determine progress and assess.  Also encouraging: the cancer origin point still can not be found.    And as time and the tumor recedes, I continue to feel better.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!' "  02/25/2018—Brother Ken Austin has an appointment this week with the neurologist to discover the cause of his recent dizzy spells.  He is also scheduled for a CT scan of the liver to determine the results of the procedure previously mentioned with particular attention to whether there has been a decrease in size.   Please pray for good results of both these appointments and improvement of his general condition as well as complete spiritual and physical healing.  1/13/18--Prayers are requested for Brother Ken Austin who, this week, had a procedure to block the blood supply to a tumor of his liver, hopefully to decrease the size of the tumor.  He had a rather severe reaction to the medications given and is now recovering slowly at home.  Please pray for successful results of the procedure, for complete healing of the liver situation and for complete recovery of the physical effects of the reaction to medications

2/19/18--Chris is beginning chemotherapy and his progress will be followed to determine if the cancer will shrink enough to have surgical removal of the cancer.  Please pray for successful results of the chemotherapy.   2/17/18--Brother Chris had CT scan which revealed no cancer in the lungs.  Chemotherapy will start today to see if the cancer in the pancreas goes into remission or it shrinks down enough to make it possible to have surgical removal.  Please continue to pray for good results for chemotherapy.  1/29/18—From Chris Moloney,  “I just got off the phone with Chris Avery. He has been diagnosed with Stage #3 cancer of the pancreas.  Chris was informed that they are scheduling a CATSCAN to determine if the cancer has spread to his lungs.   They have determined that the cancer has not spread to his liver.   A treatment schedule utilizing Chemo will be determined after the results are available.   Please continue to pray for Chris and his family".  1/19/18—Brother Chris Avery: "The doctors were able to insert a stint into his bile duct which will reduce and hopefully eliminate the jaundice. In addition, his appetite should return as well as his normal vision which was affected by the jaundice.  Biopsies of the tumor were taken and the doctors have ruled out surgery as the tumor has become intertwined with other organs. Once the results of the biopsies are returned, the cancer team will determine which course of action to take. (Chemo or Radiation or both.)Chris has asked that prayers continue. He also asked that Brother Chris Moloney be the sole point of contact until he regains his strength. 1/15/19--Prayers are requested for Sir Knight Chris Avery who has recently been found on CT scan and MRI to have a tumor on the pancreas that has caused weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice and other classic symptoms of obstruction of the bile ducts of the liver.  He will see the gastroenterologist tomorrow, January 16, to determine what further diagnostic tests are needed to discern whether this tumor is benign or malignant and what treatment is indicated.  Please pray for good results, according to God's will, of the tests and for spiritual and physical healing of Brother Chris, and for the strength to overcome whatever challenges may lie ahead.