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if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. MT 18:19

Prayer Chapel

12/08/17--Prayers are requested for the son of Brother Phil Arnautou, Jack (age 53), who had a CT scan which showed a mass in his colon which is highly suspicious of cancer.  He is having a colonoscopy today (12/8) to confirm a diagnosis.  Please pray for a favorable result of the colonoscopy and for successful treatment of whatever may be needed.


12/01/2017--Prayers are requested for Brother Leonard Scott who has been in ICU at Kaiser Hospital for bilateral pneumonia  for the last 4 days and was transferred today to a lower level of  care but not the general ward.  Also, his wife Mary, is at the hospital with him around the clock.  On November 22 she underwent operation for breast cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy.  Diagnostic tests to determine her prognosis are under way.

Please pray for comfort and rapid and complete healing of Leonard's pneumonia, and pray for complete healing, speedy recovery from surgery, comfort in undergoing chemotherapy and favorable outcome of the predictive diagnostic tests on Mary.


11/27/2017--Bill is very grateful that he was released this afternoon to go home. The Doctors will continue to assess the cause of the infection.  Please add a prayer of thanks giving and continue to pray for his continued improvement and return to good health.  11/26/17--Prayers are requested for Brother Bill WindleHe was visiting with his family at Arnold and became ill. They took him to the Emergency Room at San Andreas to run tests; it was determined that he was going into septic shock. He was transferred to Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento where he is currently.  Further tests are being conducted to determine the source of the infection.  His wife Shirley will contact Brother Chris Malone with updates which will be posted as soon as received.  For now, please pray for Bill's speedy recovery.

11/18/17--The extensive spinal surgery on Brother Ralph's back was successful and now he is recovering at home with the expected pain being controlled by medication and will be undergoing prolonged physical therapy.  Please add prayers of thanksgiving and for a speedy and successful recovery.  10/7/17--A reminder that Brother Ralph's operation is scheduled for November 10 so please intensify the prayers now that this serious surgery is coming up soon.        10/3/17--Prayers are requested for Brother Ralph Zitzler, who had a spinal fusion one year ago but now has problems with other vertebrae at a higher level and will need another spinal fusion.  This is scheduled for November 10, 2017.  Please pray for successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


10/7/17--Prayers are requested for Brother Sir Ken Austin who is undergoing therapy for liver cancer and, in addition, has recently developed heart problems for which diagnostic measures are in progress.  Please pray for success of the therapy for liver cancer and for a good outcome of the cardiac diagnostic procedures.

11/8/17--From Jan Varin--May the Lord's will be done & His presence & comfort felt in all these requests.