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Helpers' Prayer Vigil for Life

life from conception to birth

Who said Notre Dame was a Catholic University anyway?

Denver priest 'pulls out the big guns' on Planned Parenthood: says Mass on the street outside clinic

'Unified, focused' bishops pledge to continue religious liberty defense

Catholic Bishops: Obama, Rescind Your Pro-Abortion Mandate

Catholic priest, pro-life activists arrested outside White House protesting Obama mandate

5 male celebrities I support, and why

Top Five Most Influential Pro-Life Celebrities of 2011

Some of the most important learning we ever do happens in the womb: science expert

508 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Closes

How big a blow was Geron’s bombshell that it is bailing on embryonic stem cell research? BIG.

40 Days for Life Up to 417 Babies Saved From Abortion

40 Days for Life Leads to Amazing Talk With Abortionist’s Wife

Catholic Bishops: Abortion Should Guide 2012 Election Vote

The day I died’: the dramatic ‘death’ and recovery of pro-life activist Melanie Pritchard

United Nations Backs Report Calling Abortion a Human Right

Planned Parenthood: 38.4% of Its Income Comes From Abortions

A reason to celebrate: 80+ pro-life laws passed this year

Catholic Bishop: Church Can’t Back Komen Because of Abortion

Abortion Payment Bigger Than University of Miami Football Sins

40 Days for Life announces largest international pro-life campaign ‘in history’

US bishops' spokesperson rips Health and Human Services for interfering in religion

Vatican officials encouraging push to stop communion for pro-abort pols

San Francisco Would Censor Internet to Attack Pregnancy Centers

'Flower on the door’ used to mark abortions at Catholic hospitals: doctor

Lila Rose to lead picket at Catholic Hospital over abortionist on staff

House Bill Would Restore Mexico City Policy on Abortion

Worldview blinders: ‘missing’ women and abortion on demand

Abortion Activists Fail to Bring Down California Billboards

Hearing in October on 107 Charges Against Planned Parenthood

Congressional Hearings on Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Possible

Catholic Bishops: Restore Mexico City Policy, De-Fund UNFPA

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood – through Mary


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