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    JAMES 5:16   

  • 8/17/2022--"Prayers are requested for the wife of Brother Frank Neves, Fran.  She has been having considerable difficulty with gastrointestinal problems and headaches, Please pray for spiritual and physical healing for Fran and for pcace of mind of Frank."
    8/16/2022 -- Brother Herb
    "Nina Malone spoke with Hedy today after a fairly quiet weekend for them.
     Initially they thought that Herb was going to be transferred to a KP Rehab facility in Vallejo, but the physician and physical therapist evaluated his case and both agreed that their program is too extensive and rigorous for his condition right now. Instead, they are searching for a skilled nursing facility in the local area that can give him the kind of care he requires . The intention is to transfer him in the next few days.
     The doctors are still concerned about the weakness in his left arm and leg.
    More tests are being done. Hedy said his eye is looking better every day and he is able to see out of it: great news! The tubes have been removed from both lungs. He is also able to answer any questions that they ask him, so he is neurologically alert. Overall, things are definitely heading in the right direction.
     CARDS and GIFTS: Please bring any cards and gifts for Herb to the church office, who will forward them to the Pickell Family as they are received."

    8/6/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Herb Pickell  who was involved in an auto accident this morning   (Saturday Auust 6).  According to the ER nurse at Sutter Hospital, his car  was "T Boned on the left side. So far it has been determined that he has collapse of both lungs requiring chest tubes, a brain bleed and  several other possible injuries.  His condition is stable  and he is able to talk."  I asked the nurse to tell him we are praying for him and Father Freddie offered prayers for him  during the Prayers of the FAithful at Mass this morning.   PLease pray for his complete and rapid recovery and consolation and peace of mind for his wife, Hedy, and the rest of his family.

    8/4/2022--Prayers are requested for Ross Alessandro.  He has had trouble for the past year or so with his b0ne marrow not producing enough blood and so he has required multiple blood transfustions.  In mid July he fell because of weekness due to severe anemia, was found to have a positive Covid test, and is being rehabilitated at the home of his daughter, Melanie, who is his temporary caregiver.  Please pray for his quick recovery, for a solution to the problem of his long-term care and for the peace of mind of his daughters Melanie and Elaine.

    7/28/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Wally Quintero who is going to undergo radiation therapy for the next two weeks starting today.  Please have extra prayers said for him that the treatments will assist in a complete cure.   

    7/12/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Steve Milo who has had trouble with  Achilles Tendinitis since November, 2021.  Even though he has had multiple procedures to provide relief, none has been successful. He will now  have sspecialied treatment of injections of  platelets.  If this does not provide relief, he may require extensive disabling surgery.  Please pray that the proposed platelet will will work and he will not need further surgery.

    7/7/2022--Brother Mike has just discovered he has Covid which he may have gotten when he went to the hospital for his Fractured shoulder.  Please Pray for his complete and uncomplicated recovery.  7/2/2022--Prayers are requested for SK Mike Delaney who fell in his home and suffered a fracture of his shoulder.  He will not need surgery but needs to have the arm immobilized until the fracture is healed.  Please pray thanksgiving that it was not worse and pray for complete healing, complete recovery and successful pain control.
    7/29/2022--Brother Pat Rlannigan was readmitted to the hospital from the
    ER and found to have MDS: not enough red
    blood cells. He will be needing blood transfusions
    from now on or until his blood will begin sending
    enough oxygen to his organs. Pat asked for
    prayers from Brother Knights for his healing and
    to regain strength and energy."
    6/29/2022-- Follow up.Brother Patrick had a coronary angioplasty today.  All went well and he  and his wife Marisue want to thank all for the prayers.  Please pray thanksgiving prayers for this excellent result.
    6/27/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Patrick Flannigan who has a blocked artery and may require heart surgery and for peace of mind for his wife Marisue.

    6/26/2022--Ralph Zitzler was in the hospital with Severe Covid and is now at home and under a 20 day quarantine. He wishes to be placed in the Prayer Chapel.
    6/26/2022--Prayers are requested  for Brother Ralph Zitzler who was in the hospital for several days with severe Covid infection.  He is now home on 20 day Quarantine and recovering .  Please pray for complete recovery  of Ralph and for peace of mind of his wife Sharon who is his caregiver.

    6/25/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Craig Kelly who is 3 weeks into chemotherapy and radiotherapy for throat cancer which will continue through July, 2022.  Please pray for good results from the therapy and for minimal side effects.
    8/01/2022--Communication from Brother Bob Beasley today revealed that Annette has had a recent diagnosis about  his daughter Annette; she is  much improved, no longer has the restless leg problem and is in good spirits.  Brother  Bob and his wife, Chris, want to express their thanks for all the prayers of the Knights of our Council.
    6/21/2022--Prayers are requested for Annette Beasley, daughter of Brother Bob Beasley.
      Annette has three terminal illnesses with which she has been suffering for a long time.  Recently she has been plagued with a disabling condition which causes her legs to move violently for up to two hours at a time.  Her doctors have been unable to diagnose the cause of this and have no treatment to control it at the present time.  
    Please pray for a diagnosis and proper treatment for Annette's  condition; and pray for consolation and peace of mind for  her father, Bob and mother Chris."

    6/10/2022--Prayers are requested for Deacon Juve who will have knee surgery  on Friday, June 17.  PLease pray for successful surgery and total and complete recovery.



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