Prayer Request



    JAMES 5:16   

  • Oct. 10, 2020
    Prayers are requested for Brother Bernie Hofmann who is legally blind due to macular degeneration.  He also has been receiving surgical procedures for back pain caused by degenerative  Spine problems.  Please pray for the spiritual healing of both of these situations, for his c omfort and for peace of mind and persistence for his wife, Connie, who is his devoted Wife and caregiver.
    Oct. 9, 2020
    Prayers are requested for Brother Jerry Zimmerman who sent this email in response to Brother Gerold Voigt:‘ Guess the word got out.  Still running tests, but it looks strongly like multiple myeloma.  Another test on Monday, then preparation for radiation therapy and possibly chemo.  Not giving up though, just need prayers from you and the other prayer warriors there at St. Joseph.  Will try to keep you informed.’ I have not been able to reach Jerry for further information so this is all the information we have.   Please pray for success in relations to the tests, correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment and speedy and complete  recovery

    Oct. 9 - UPDATE
    Brother Bob Beasley’s daughter, Annette, was diagnosed as having Dermatomyositis (an autoimmune disease) but the treatment for this has not helped so it is assumed there is another underlying cause.  Consultation with Johns Hopkins hospital has resulted in other diagnostic tests and, though cancer has been considered, there is no evidence of any yet.  She has been taken off all medications except for steroids with which she is now treated.  Please pray for a definite diagnosis and appropriate treatment soon.  And pray for consolation for parents Bob and Chris and for the stamina and faith to bear under what must be a huge amount of  worry and stress.”

    Oct. 9 2020 UPDATE
    Michael Raynal has had radiation for the cancer and further tests reveal that  there is no spread of the cancer.  So he will be scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer.  The blood clots are resolving and should cause no further problem. He is feeling well, working at his job and generally doing well.  Please pray with gratitude that 1. The blood clots in the lungs  fortunately led to the cancer diagnosis  which would otherwise have not been discovered  2. There is no evidence of spread at this time of early diagnosis and 3. The faith of parents Allan and Lea are carrying them through this situation which is difficult for any parent. They want to thank you all for the prayers which ‘are working’”
    Prayers are requested for Michael Raynal, son of Brother Alan Raynal.  Michael was admitted to Kaiser Hospital on September 18, 2020  with symptoms of shortness of breath on exertion and found to have blood clots in his lungs.  He is stable and undergoing diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the clots and is on blood thinners.  Please pray for satisfactory results of the tests, a correct diagnosis, proper treatment and quick recovery

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  • Oct. 9 2020 - UPDATE
    In Peggy Pineschi’s words she is “Singing Praise and Thanksgiving” for your prayers.  Betty is getting stronger with Physical Therapy and will be released from Rehab to home on Sunday, October 11.  Again Bob and Peggy thank you for your prayers”

    Betty, Bob’s sister in law, was moved to a rehabilitation facility in Laguna Beach. They evaluated her and are planning on intensive therapy for the next 2-3 weeks. Then hopefully home. Bob and Peggy thank you all for your prayers. She said she feels the support and they help her do her best.

    Prayers of thanksgiving are in order for Betty (sister-in-law of Brother Bob Pineschi) who has just been removed from ICU and is in a regular hospital bed.   Still very weak, but recovering , is now Covid negative,  getting Physical Therapy,  and has been allowed to be visited by her husband Paul.  Bob and sister Peggy are only allowed to see her through the window.  Peggy says “thanks to all you boys for your prayers".

    Oct. 9, 2020 UPDATE
    Father Eric’s mother, Patricia, is in stable condition.  She is not receiving therapy because of her extreme debility.  Please continue to pray for her spiritual and physical healing according to God’s will, and for her family’s acceptance of the results which will bring her and all the family closer to God and to each other.”
    "Prayers are requested for Fr. Eric's Mom Patricia Bleecker, she has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer and greatly appreciates our prayers.