Prayer Request



    JAMES 5:16   

     5/01/2022--Prayers are requested for a former Brother Knight, Frank Cesarz, who has anemia of unknown origin and a recent onset of left leg pain and weakness. He is scheduled for upper GI and Colonoscopy next week.  Please pray for good results of these studies, accurate diagnosis of the cause of the anemia and proper treatment; also pray for the healing of his left leg.

    4/29/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Ted Dickard's  wife, Barbara, who is in Sutter Hospital for having lost the ability to move her arms and legs. Please offer prayers for her spiritual and physical healing and for consolation and peace of mind of Ted.

    4/26/2022--Brother Ron Wood Jr. is home from the hospital and doing better.  He and his mother, Gerry, want to thank you all for your prayers

    4/24/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Ron Wood Jr. who has been brought to the emergency room with disorientation and weakness and, in the words of his Mother and Caregiver, Gerry Wood, "in terrible condition".  Please pray for proper diagnosis and adequate treatment of Ron, for quick recovery, and for peace of mind and consolation for his Mother Gerry.

    3/22/2022-Please pray for Brother Ron Wood, Jr. who was admitted to the hospital today with a small bowel obstruction.  PLease pray for his spiritual healing and comfort as well as a quick and complete recovery.  Also pray for the consolation and peace of mind of his Mother and caregiver, Jerry

    03/17/2022--This message was received today from GK Frank Neves:
    'Just talked to Ron's mom Gerry. Ron is home and is now getting dialysis treatment from a facility in Lincoln. Keep up your prayers for him and his mom.'"
    Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving for this rapid recovery."

    3/16/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Ron Wood Jr.  His dialysis port has plugged up and he will be admitted to  the hospital in Sacramento to have the situation corrected.  Please pray for successful procedure(s) and quick  recovery and peace of mind for his mother and caregiver, Gerry.
    3/12/2022--Sir Knight Leonard Scott has stage 4 Pancreatic cancer and metastatic. The doctor gives Leonard 4 to 6 month to live.
    Please pray that he remains comfortable through the Chemo treatments. Sir Knight Leonard is home with his wife Mary. Please pray for them both. 
    03/17/2022--In a conversation today with his Pulmonary Physician, Brother Lloyd Prather got a comprehensive message regarding his condition: His primary diagnosis is COPD which is causing his extreme shortness of breath requiring continuous oxygen therapy.  This is aggravated by decrease of lung function due to the radiotherapy received for a spot on his lung believed to be cancerous but stable.
    Further therapy will be continuous steroid treatment with prednisone.
    Please pray for Lloyd's spiritual healing, improvement in breathing, endurance, faith, hope, peace of mind and acceptance of  God's will; and for comfort, endurance, peace of mind for his wife and caregiver, Lottie.

    3/12/2022---Lloyd’s condition has basically remained unchanged. Just a little exertion tires him to the extent that he has to disengage and sit. He says that his doctor is trying to find a way to stabilize the problem, but she has not found a solution. His wife is doing all that she can to help him. Both Lloyd and his wife needs our prayers. Pray for them & pray that his doctor finds a solution to the problem ASAP.

    3/11/2022 --Prayers are requested for Brother Lloyd Prather who is having excessive problem breathing and extreme fatigue.  He is being treated with medications to relieve the issue.  Please pray for good results for the treatment and for his spiritual and spiritual healing."

    02/13/2022--Prayers are requested for Brother Wally Quintero who has a spot on his lung. Diagnostic procedures are in progress.  Please pray for successful diagnosis, good results and complete and rapid healing.

    12/11/2021--Brother Ken Barron's brother-in-law will be flying to Seattle for further treatment; he has Parkinsonism which will make the flight quite uncomfortable.  Please pray for comfort during the flight and successful treatment in Seattle.


    Seotember 23, 2021-Update-Michael Raynal had a pet scan yesterday (9/22) which incredibly shows NO apparent residual cancer after undergoing immunotherapy. His oncologist said this result occurs in only 30% of patients, is very positive about future prospects for total recovery and has scheduled a pet scan for 3 months from now.  Of course, Michael is extremely grateful for all our prayers.

    June 4, 2021 - UPDATE - Michael Raynal
    Michael’s recent Pet Scan was encouraging but he will have an appointment with the oncologist to clarify what this means in terms of further therapy.  In the meantime Michael is in good physical health and has a great attitude.  He is grateful to all of you for your prayers, requests continued praying for good result from the oncologist at his appointment on Monday, June 7  and he wants you to know that through this difficult time, he is offering his trials  to the Lord for your intentions and good health. Please keep Michael in your prayers
    Prayers are requested for Michael Raynal, son of Brother Alan Raynal.  Michael was admitted to Kaiser Hospital on September 18, 2020  with symptoms of shortness of breath on exertion and found to have blood clots in his lungs.  He is stable and undergoing diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the clots and is on blood thinners.  Please pray for satisfactory results of the tests, a correct diagnosis, proper treatment and quick recovery.

    May 29, 2021 - UPDATE - Annette Beasley

    Bob Beasley and Chris’s daughter, Annette, has been on IV steroids which caused a 15 pound weight gain but is being tapered off.  She has been off the IV Immune Globulin which had been given to beef up her immune system but may need to be placed on it again. She still has pain but is strong enough physically and mentally to continue working.  The Beasley family is grateful for your prayers which continue to give her spiritual strength
    Brother Bob Beasley’s daughter, Annette, was diagnosed as having Dermatomyositis (an autoimmune disease) but the treatment for this has not helped so it is assumed there is another underlying cause.  Consultation with Johns Hopkins hospital has resulted in other diagnostic tests and, though cancer has been considered, there is no evidence of any yet.  She has been taken off all medications except for steroids with which she is now treated.  Please pray for a definite diagnosis and appropriate treatment soon.  And pray for consolation for parents Bob and Chris and for the stamina and faith to bear under what must be a huge amount of  worry and stress.


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