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    JAMES 5:16   

  • Jan. 17, 2021 - New
    Prayers are requested for the wife of deceased Brother Jack Kavanaugh, Peggy, who is being treated for Giant Cell Arteritis of blood vessels to the head causing headaches and requiring steroids for control;
    Other conditions are Hyperthyroidism and Peripheral vascular disease in the legs which causes pain on walking. 
    Please pray for resolution of the Giant Cell Arteritis so she can discontinue steroid therapy, successful treatment of Hyperthyroidism, and improvement in the symptoms  of the Peripheral vascular problem with relief of pain

    Jan. 15, 2021 - UPDATE
    Mike Delaney has had the Moh’s treatment.  Some cancer has remained so he is scheduled for surgical removal sometime in February, 2021.  Please pray for success and complete removal of the cancer and rapid and comfortable recovery

    Our Bro. Mike Delaney has been diagnosed with Basel Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and is scheduled for Mohs microsurgery in 3-5 weeks.  The BCC is just below the left corner of his left eye.
    Please pray that the BCC will not sprad and for a succesful treatment with microsurgery, full recovery  and minimal scarring.

    Jan. 15, 2021 UPDATE
    Peter has had success from the radiation and the swelling has decreased considerably.  Followup Doctor appointment is scheduled for sometime  in the next week.  Please pray for complete recovery.
    Tineke’s back problems are improving as she continues physical therapy.  Dizziness has now cleared up.  Stomach problems continue and she has a doctor appointment in February regarding further therapy as needed.
    Pray thanksgiving for elimination of dizziness and improvement of back problem; and petition for good results from the doctor visit in February
    Prayers are requested for Brother Peter Smit and his wife, Tineke. Peter has had swelling, severe facial discomfort, difficulty eating and resultant weight loss due to obstructed salivary glands  since June.  Medical treatments have thus far been unsuccessful. Please pray for healing, relief of discomfort and quick recovery from this condition. Tineke has had increasing and disabling bouts of back pain and Sciatica which, in addition to great discomfort, has disabled her and so she is less able to provide necessary care for Peter.

    Oct. 22, 2020 UPDATE
    I had a feeding tube installed just below the stomach into my intestines 10/22/20.  I am out of Sutter Today in the afternoon.  I get a PET scan tomorrow, Tuesday, then meet with the Oncologist on Friday of this week. Then it is radiation and chemo for a good while.  Then a Surgical Oncologist will remove the esophagus and pull my stomach up to replace it.  Then more radiation and chemo possibly.  Be no Kentucky fried chicken for a while.  But I sure would appreciate your prayers

    Our Brother Bob White would appreciate you praying for a full recovery from a diagnosis of Esophagus cancer. Pray that the cancer is localized and his treatments and Doctors are at their best. I talked to Bob and he is ready for this fight. He will be home from Sutter hospital, Roseville Saturday (10/24). Keep Bob and his wife BJ in your prayers.

    Oct. 29, 2020 UPDATE
    Jerry Zimmerman has had 5 radiation treatments so far for what is definitely  Multiple Myeloma involving the 10th thoracic vertebra.  He will be starting chemotherapy Friday.  Although he has pain, he seems to be tolerating it reasonably well and has a very positive outlook.  He is grateful for our prayers and also for the fact that the Knights in his area are meeting once a week to pray for him and others in the Council who are ill.
    Prayers are requested for Brother Jerry Zimmerman who sent this email in response to Brother Gerold Voigt:‘
    Guess the word got out.  Still running tests, but it looks strongly like multiple myeloma.  Another test on Monday, then preparation for radiation therapy and possibly chemo.  Not giving up though, just need prayers from you and the other prayer warriors there at St. Joseph.  Will try to keep you informed.’ I have not been able to reach Jerry for further information so this is all the information we have.   Please pray for success in relations to the tests, correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment and speedy and complete  recovery

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  • Jan. 15, 2021 UPDATE
    Bob Beasley and Chris’s daughter, Annette  is improving in that the muscle deterioration has not progressed.  Her attitude has remained the same and she is now sleeping better at night.  She continues to receive steroid therapy and treatment to improve her immune system.  She heard from Johns Hopkins this morning (January 15) and was told she has tested positive for “SSA”.  Further research as to what this term means is being researched by Annette.  I suspect  it has to do with a compromised immune system; more will be revealed.
    Please pray for continued overall improvement and for correct diagnosis of her condition.  Bob and Chris are extremely thankful for our prayers for their daughter.
    Brother Bob Beasley’s daughter, Annette, was diagnosed as having Dermatomyositis (an autoimmune disease) but the treatment for this has not helped so it is assumed there is another underlying cause.  Consultation with Johns Hopkins hospital has resulted in other diagnostic tests and, though cancer has been considered, there is no evidence of any yet.  She has been taken off all medications except for steroids with which she is now treated.  Please pray for a definite diagnosis and appropriate treatment soon.  And pray for consolation for parents Bob and Chris and for the stamina and faith to bear under what must be a huge amount of  worry and stress.

    Jan 15, 2021 UPDATE
    Michael Raynal had a Pet Scan and the results given yesterday revealed that the esophageal cancer and the lymph nodes show a satisfactory outcome in that the cancer cells were decreasing.  However, another lymph node which was not previously present was found in an area which, because of its location, was not amenable to biopsy.  So, speculating that this was also a spread of cancer (although not proven), the doctor told Michael that this was now “incurable” and surgery would not be an option, as originally planned.  I suppose, by “incurable”, the doctor meant “inoperable”.  Michael is seeking a 2nd opinion, preferably at a prominent cancer center which is doing active research in esophageal cancer.   Please pray thanksgiving that the radiation and chemotherapy seems to be successful in treating the cancer that can be seen by Pet Scan and that Michael’s physical condition and mental attitude remain very  good; he as a strong faith resulting in a hopeful attitude.
    Prayers are requested for Michael Raynal, son of Brother Alan Raynal.  Michael was admitted to Kaiser Hospital on September 18, 2020  with symptoms of shortness of breath on exertion and found to have blood clots in his lungs.  He is stable and undergoing diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the clots and is on blood thinners.  Please pray for satisfactory results of the tests, a correct diagnosis, proper treatment and quick recovery