Prayer Request



    JAMES 5:16   

  • July 25, 2020 - UPDATE

    Great news, brother Joe Accurso left Sutter Hospital Thursday afternoon 7/23/20. His blood pressure is stable and he's glad to be home.  Jim Cofer visited Joe and says he seemed like his old self. Joe and Leslie were looking forward to celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their Son's family visiting from Texas and his daughter's family who lives in Lincoln.
    Joe was very appreciative of all the prayers from all our brother knights and their family members


    Prayers are requested for brother Joe Accurso  who was admitted to Sutter Hospital on July 19 after having passed out at home.   He is in room 146 and apparently stable at the present time.  Please pray for his rapid and complete recovery

    July 12, 2020
    "Prayers are requested for Fr. Eric's Mom Patricia Bleecker, she has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer and greatly appreciates our prayers.

    June 22, 2020

    "Prayers are requested for Brother Stephen Haydt who has had gastrointestinal problems consisting of nausea, abdominal cramps and loss of 25 pounds in weight for the past 6 weeks.  The medical profession is still working on finding  a diagnosis.
    Please pray for an accurate diagnosis, relief of symptoms, peace of mind and a rapid and complete recovery and for acceptance of the results of prayer."

    June 11, 2020

    Prayers are requested at the request of Brother Pete Lopez for his father Santos Lopez who is at home with the Coronavirus and not doing well in addition to having a lot of pain. Pete's mother, Lucy, died of the Coronavirus on June 6. Please pray for spiritual and physical healing and relief of pain for Santos and for the repose of the soul of Lucy. And pray for consolation for the Lopez family.

    May 20, 2020:

    Prayers are requested for Brother Bob Beasley's daughter, Annette Mahood,  who has  a rare, severe, progressive muscular disease entitled "IBM".  Please pray for  Annette's spiritual and physical healing and for acceptance of the results, and that she and her family  will be brought closer to the Lord

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  • Prayer to overcome racism

    Mary, friend and mother to all, through your Son, God has found a way to unite himself to every human being, called to be one people, sisters and brothers to each other.

    We ask for your help in calling on your Son, seeking forgiveness for the times when we have failed to love and respect one another.

    We ask for your help in obtaining from your Son the grace we need to overcome the evil of racism and to build a just society.

    We ask for your help in following your Son, so that prejudice and animosity will no longer infect our minds or hearts but will be replaced with a love that respects the dignity of each person.

    Mother of the Church, the Spirit of your Son Jesus warms our hearts: pray for us. Amen.